Hello Dear Members & Guests,

We are happy to announce Our new design website. Now our users can get the best service with 100% secure their privacy. We have added many features to our new design website. Details bellow:

* User can see Operator status.

*Please (old member) 1st Forget your password for login.

* See Today’s rate & reserved amount.

* Professional Blog added in the website

* Register Bonus $0.50 (USD-BDT) & (USD-USD)

* Verified affiliate bonus per refer $0.10

* Professional User panel

* show all history of Exchanges

* User submit Review Instantly after Exchange

* Professional Affiliate page with a referral link and earning details.

* Must need document verification.

* User can put Send/ Receive amount on Exchange page

* User can see Exchange info (Send, receive, fees) on the last step of Exchange

* Payment proof submission option.

* added another domain. (fastechanger.com fastchanger.net)

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