The net foreign investment at Dhaka Stock Exchange remained negative for the third consecutive month in May as the foreign investors,  muddled by the continuous falling trend in the market and haphazard environment in the financial market, kept selling shares amid volatility at the market.

The overseas investors withdrew funds worth Tk 343 crore in the last three months.

The net foreign investment dipped to Tk 65.16 crore negative in May after Tk 154 crore negative in April. The net position was Tk 123.70 crore negative in March.

In May, the foreign investors sold shares worth Tk 384.97 crore and bought shares worth Tk 319.81 crore.

In April, the overseas investors sold shares worth Tk 411 crore against their purchase of shares worth Tk 257 crore.

Before the three months of negative mark, the net foreign investment was Tk 323 crore positive in February and Tk 175 crore positive in  January.

The capital market remained volatile for the fourth consecutive months with poor participations from the investors.

Market operators have said that the foreign investment turned negative as a section of overseas investors might went for profit booking share sales after notable investment in the previous two months.

Market operators said that the volatility in the financial sector as well as in the capital market could be a major reason for the share sales

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